Collaborations & Partnerships: The time for collaboration is now


Is your community considering a collaboration or partnership to identify those at greatest risk to obtain access to evidence-based interventions?


Would your hospital benefit from working more closely with your local FQHC or rural
health center to reduce readmissions and inappropriate ED visits?


Is your philanthropic community frustrated by supporting duplicative services?

Does your strategic plan include population health initiatives that address the social determinants of health?

Should your organization consider a partnership or merger to sustain its future operations, expand to new markets and funding streams?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the 330 Partners team may be able to help. Our consultants are experienced in facilitating these types of discussions and assisting partnerships to develop long-term strategies that will achieve success!

Health and human service organizations may sometimes have different missions and visions, but there is usually one area of common interest—improving the health and well-being of those living and working in their communities.

Collaboration between organizations allows them to benefit from each organization’s particular expertise or services to achieve greater success than they would have working alone or separately. These benefits include leveraging resources, sharing talent, minimizing duplication, and generating more support from community stakeholders. Community collaborations and multi-sector partnerships often result in long-term business relationships!

Despite the best of intentions and a strong commitment to common interests, collaborations can be challenged by conflicts of interest, a perceived loss of control, an ability (or inability) to contribute financial resources, and general miscommunication. Careful planning is critically important, including honest and frank discussions that will establish trust, clarify goals, develop communication strategies, and recognize the value of each organization’s contributions.

Every relationships starts with a conversation. Let us help you to start the conversation in your community!