Mock Operational Site Visit (MOSV)

The HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV) is the onsite evaluation of your health center’s ability to meet the 19 health center program requirements. During an OSV, your compliance with the program requirements is completely assessed, including the governance, administrative, clinical and financial policies and practices associated with each requirement. You must document your compliance! Non-compliance may lead to a conditions on your grant.

We can help you to be ready.

Your health center may benefit from a Mock Operational Site Visit (MOSV) to become more familiar with the OSV process, your compliance with program requirements, as well as tips and recommendations to achieve compliance.

A MOSV mirrors an actual OSV visit, and is completed in three phases:


Phase I: Pre-visit preparation and review of documents.


Phase II: An on-site review of all 19 program requirements and review of clinical & financial measures.


Phase III: A detailed site visit report that notes areas of compliance and non-compliance identifying the areas for improvement. The team will also provide you with assistance in creating or revising policies and other documentation to demonstrate your compliance.

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